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ODC-Cargo/Break-bulk Services

ODC Cargo (Over Dimensional Cargo): ODC Cargo (Over Dimensional Cargo): ODC Cargo, also known as Over Dimensional Cargo, refers to goods or freight that exceed the standard dimensions or weight limits allowed for regular transportation. These cargoes are typically oversized, over-length, over-width, or over-weight, making them challenging to transport using conventional methods. ODC Cargo requires specialized equipment and handling techniques for safe transportation. It often includes heavy machinery, industrial equipment, construction materials, large vehicles, and other out-of-gauge items.

Break-Bulk Cargo: Break-Bulk Cargo: Break-Bulk Cargo refers to goods that are individually loaded and unloaded from a vessel or container.

Unlike containerized cargo, which is loaded into standardized containers, break-bulk cargo is handled piece by piece or in smaller units. These cargoes are not suitable for bulk loading and require manual handling at ports or terminals.

Examples of break-bulk cargo include machinery, vehicles, steel coils, project cargo, and other non-containerized items. Both ODC Cargo and Break-Bulk Cargo require specialized logistics and handling due to their unique characteristics. Companies that deal with such cargoes often have expertise in managing the transportation, loading, and unloading processes to ensure the safe and efficient movement of these goods.